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Welcome to my stamp album! Here, you will find over 6300 images of the 776 pages and the individual stamps in my U.S. stamp collection. Every page you see here is in one of my seven stamp albums. Every page is custom-made and hand-mounted. I've tried to design this site so that navigating it is like paging through my actual albums. Use the menu above to select an album, or use the Scott search button to jump to a specific issue. And clicking on an individual stamp displays an enlarged image of that stamp (for singles and pairs only).

Current Completeness Level: My album is current through 2007. Almost all of the numbered 2008 issues are present.

What's New

[Updated 5/19/11] Well, I'm gradually recovering from a pretty bad scene. In short, 1) my ISP was hacked by a script kiddie, resulting in my ISP taking down all services, 2) service was restored for about three days, 3) the same script kiddie attacked the ISP a second time, vandalizing and disabling every site on the ISP, 4) the ISP took all services down again, immediately, and 5) the ISP then refused to restore services and access (including email) and refused to communicate with its customers in any way for the next two weeks.

My album site was never in danger, because I develop and mirror it on my home site, with lots of backups. But I lost other content and went without email for quite a while, before I finally got fed up and jumped ship to another provider. And, of course, as soon as I did this, and as soon as I pointed my domain to a new nameserver, my old ISP started to restore services. Sigh. Anyway, I'm gradually putting the pieces back together again. The site is mostly functional, but I'm missing some small pieces. I'm working on it.

Thanks to everyone who expressed their concerns about the site's disappearance. Rest assured, this is a long-term commitment for me.