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Copyright Information

All pages and images on the album.dweeb.org web site not otherwise marked with a copyright statement are copyright © 2006 by Jim Griffith and may not be duplicated, reproduced, or linked to without advance permission. However, any site may freely link to any HTML page on this site without advance permission, unless and until the site's owner requests otherwise. Please ask for permission before using any of the javascript technology or before linking directly to images.

The pages make heavy use of the Scott catalog numbering system, which is copyrighted by the Scott Publishing Co. The author has permission to use the Scott catalog numbering system for his own personal use only, in accordance with the published copyright statement on the inside of any Scott Specialized Catalog of U.S. Stamps. I don't really know if their permission includes this web site, and it may very well not, as whether or not this web site is "for personal use" is questionable. I'm hoping that they don't mind.


This site was designed and implemented by Jim Griffith, with two exceptions.

Accessible Website Menu The dropdown menu code is the Ultimate Dropdown Menu 4.4 package, from Brothercake.

The popup window for individual stamp images is courtesy of CodeLifter.com. My thanks to both of them.

My thanks to Mark Jackman, Hal Schechtman, Richard Frajola, and Vic Bove for design feedback and general suggestions.

My most sincere thanks to Jim Kloetzel at Scott Publishing for dealing with my frequent questions about Scott numbers, most of which were caused by my apparent inability to read a simple stamp catalog (or my inability to wait for the next issue to come out).

Requesting Copies of Blank Pages

Blank copies of these album pages are not available and should not be requested.

Comments or Corrections

Since my album consists of several hundred album pages, all designed by me, sometimes in haste, I fully expect that there are mistakes on various pages. For the most part, I'm eager to receive corrections to errors on specific pages, comments on either the site design or the page styles, and so forth. Please feel free to mail all such comments to griffith@dweeb.org.

I'm even interested in comments on the quality of the stamps. I want the best stamps I can find, even for the more common material. When I see a stamp in my collection that I just don't like, I'll add it to my want list, so I can look for better copies when I attend shows or visit dealers. If you see a stamp with poorly-balanced margins, especially in the thousands of more modern issues, please let me know, so I can add it to my want list.

While I will probably be quick to respond to email, any corrections may not be quickly reflected on this site. Keep in mind that if you find a mistake on a page, I must 1) edit the page in PageMaker, 2) print the page, 3) mount the stamps in Showgards (often hand-cut sizes), 4) scan the page, and 5) upload the changes to the web site.

Display Problems

Many people have problems viewing this site properly, and there are several reasons why you may not be able to see this site properly. I apologize for the problems, but the demands of displaying an album page in "real size" force me to create some artificial limits.

If you don't see a menu at the top - you probably have javascript disabled. Javascript is used for both the dropdown menu at the top and the stamp image popups. So you cannot properly view this site with javascript disabled. You need to change your browser settings. In NS, go to Edit/Preferences, then select Advanced/Scripts & Plugins and make sure Javascript is enabled. In IE, go to Tools/Internet Options, then click on the Security tab. Click the "Custom Options" button. Scroll down to where it says "Active Scripting" and click on "Enable".

If you can't see much without doing a lot of scrolling - you probably have a very small screen resolution. This site is really not usable at an 800x600 display resolution. At such a resolution, you cannot make the browser large enough to see much. You need at least a 1024x768 resolution, and I recommend 1280x1024 or more. On your computer, go to Start/Settings/Control Panel, then double-click the Display icon. Click on the Settings tab, then change the Screen Area slider.

If the menu items seem strangely aligned - you probably have your computer set to use "large fonts". The site's layout is based on the default "Small Fonts" setting. You can check this by going to Start/Settings/Control Panel, then double-clicking on "Display". Click the "Settings" tab, then click the "Advanced" button. The top entry on the "General" table is the font size. Make sure this is set to "Small Fonts".