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My Want List

This isn't literally my want list, because my want list has some 700 items on it, totalling $6 million in Scott CV. But these are the harder-to-find items that I'm confident that someone out there must have, and I'm listing them in the hopes that someone might be able to hook me up with them.

Please keep in mind that my standards are very high for almost all issues. Any of the following are likely to be automatic show-stoppers:

  • Gum skips
  • Pencil marks
  • Hinge marks
  • Any gum disturbance other than perf dimples or offset
  • Less than XF quality, particularly in terms of centering
  • $100 SCV without a cert
  • Inclusions

Having said that, here are some of the more common items on my list which have nevertheless been difficult for me to find. In some cases (identified by italicized text), I already have the issue and simply want a better copy than what I have. So before contacting me, you should probably check out my copy to verify that yours is actually better than mine.

Anyways, if you think you can set me up with something on this list, by all means send me a scan. And if it's a color variant, if you can include a scan of a "normal" issue, that would be greatly appreciated.

Scott # Description
487 2¢ Washington, type II line pair
499e 2¢ Washington, rose, booklet pane of 6
525a 1¢ Washington, dark green color variant
526 2¢ Washington, carmine
527 2¢ Washington, carmine
537b 3¢ Victory, light reddish violet color variant (I'm not confident of the shade that I've got)
537c 3¢ Victory, red violet color variant
635a 3¢ Washington, bright violet color variant (ditto)
830a 30¢ Roosevelt, newly-listed blue color variant
830b 30¢ Roosevelt, newly-listed deep blue color variant
1040a 7¢ Wilson, dark rose carmine color variant
1043a 9¢ The Alamo, dark rose lilac color variant
1903 9.3¢ Mail Wagon, line pair (in all likelihood, this doesn't really exist)
C59 25¢ Lincoln, black & maroon
C63a 15¢ Statue of Liberty, black & orange, without the usual black along the orange box lines
C115 44¢ Transpacific Airmail 50th Anniversary (good margins with perfect centering)
J78a $5 postage due, scarlet color variant