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Stamps For Sale

I frequently upgrade stamps or buy multiple stamp lots, which leaves me with high-quality extras. If you're interested in something here, drop me a note and I'll send you a total. Any purchase over $50 includes free normal first-class shipping. Insurance and special shipping requirements are extra.

Scott # Description Price
267 267 Scott #267 VF NH. small inclusion on right and on Washington's shoulder, and light perf dimples on back, mentioned for complete accuracy. The two black dots on left are from the holder. $12
267 267 Scott #267 imprint single VF NH, disturbed gum on back. $8
564 564 Scott #564 VF/XF NH. $11
620 620 Scott #620 XF NH. $7
656 656 Scott #656 XF NH. $21
778 778 Scott #778 souvenir sheet previously hinged (lightly) in two places. $1
Click here for image 816//850 A nice set of the more expensive prexies, all NH. Total SCV $16.25. $12
843 843 Scott #843 VF NH. $6
Click here for image 1290//1293 A set of some of the more expensive of the Prominent Americans issues. 40¢ is 1292a, the tagged variant. Total SCV $2.85. $2.50
1295a 1295a Scott #1295a $5 Moore, the tagged variant in XF NH condition. $8
1418c 1418c Scott #1418c block of 4, precancelled, superb NH. $3
Click here for image 2122 Scott #2122a type I booklet pane of 3, still attached to booklet cover.

Note that I'm pretty sure it's type I and not II (I own both variants), but I'm never completely sure with this particular issue.
C11 C11 Scott #C11 XF NH. Gum skips on back. $8
C11 C11 Scott #C11 XF NH. $9
C16 C16 Scott #C16 XF NH. $10
Click here for image various A set of six special delivery stamps, specifically
  • E14 NH, very small wrinkle
  • E15 previously hinged
  • E16 NH, wrinkles on back, generally crappy
  • E20 NH, nice stamp
  • E21 NH, very light fingerprint on back
  • E22 NH, mark on front
Total SCV $6.80.
Q3 Q3 Scott #Q3 VF NH. Minor gum skips on back, mentioned for complete accuracy $37.50